Product Description

CHINAMFG MHB Series industrial Standard Gearboxes

Standard gearbox series are applicable to various mechanical power transmission fields. Products of this series include gearboxes with helical gears and helical-bevel gears, which possess different types and designs and multiple installation methods to meet requirements of all kinds of industrial fields.



Modular design with good component interchangeability

Reasonable torque range distribution and affordable

Improved bearing capacity and noise reduction performance through tooth flank modification

Hardened tooth surface design with accuracy above grade 5

Various sealing forms to meet sealing requirement of different application fields

Short lead time and reliable quality



Main Technical Parameters

Specification: 25 types

Torque Range: 2 -1,400kN.m

Speed Ratio: 1.25-450



Belt conveyor, bucket conveyor, blender, lifting equipment, travel-ling machine, paper making machine, drying machine, rotary kiln, powder concentrator, stretch roll and etc.

Model No.: H1SH3, H1SH4, H1SH5, H1SH6, H1SH7, H1SH8, H1SH9, H1SH10, H1SH11, H1SH12, H1SH13, H1SH14, H1SH15, H1SH16, H1SH17, H1SH18, H1SH19, H1SH20, H1SH21, H1SH22, H1SH23, H1SH24, H1SH25, H1SH26 H2SH3, H2SH4, H2SH5, H2SH6, H2SH7, H2SH8, H2SH9, H2SH10, H2SH11, H2SH12, H2SH13, H2SH14, H2SH15, H2SH16, H2SH17, H2SH18, H2SH19, H2SH20, H2SH21, H2SH22, H2SH23, H2SH24, H2SH25, H2SH26 H2HH3, H2HH4, H2HH5, H2HH6, H2HH7, H2HH8, H2HH9, H2HH10, H2HH11, H2HH12, H2HH13, H2HH14, H2HH15, H2HH16, H2HH17, H2HH18, H2HH19, H2HH20, H2HH21, H2HH22, H2HH23, H2HH24, H2HH25, H2HH26 H2DH3, H2DH4, H2DH5, H2DH6, H2DH7, H2DH8, H2DH9, H2DH10, H2DH11, H2DH12, H2DH13, H2DH14, H2DH15, H2DH16, H2DH17, H2DH18, H2DH19, H2DH20, H2DH21, H2DH22, H2DH23, H2DH24, H2DH25, H2DH26 H2SM3, H2SM4, H2SM5, H2SM6, H2SM7, H2SM8, H2SM9, H2SM10, H2SM11, H2SM12, H2SM13, H2SM14, H2SM15, H2SM16, H2SM17, H2SM18, H2SM19, H2SM20, H2SM21, H2SM22, H2SM23, H2SM24, H2SM25, H2SM26 H2SV3, H2SV4, H2SV5, H2SV6, H2SV7, H2SV8, H2SV9, H2SV10, H2SV11, H2SV12, H2SV13, H2SV14, H2SV15, H2SV16, H2SV17, H2SV18, H2SV19, H2SV20, H2SV21, H2SV22, H2SV23, H2SV24, H2SV25, H2SV26
H2HM3, H2HM4, H2HM5, H2HM6, H2HM7, H2HM8, H2HM9, H2HM10, H2HM11, H2HM12, H2HM13, H2HM14, H2HM15, H2HM16, H2HM17, H2HM18, H2HM19, H2HM20, H2HM21, H2HM22, H2HM23, H2HM24, H2HM25, H2HM26 H3SH5 H3SH6 H3SH7 H3SH8 H3SH9 H3SH10H3SH11H3SH12 H3SH13 H3SH14 H3SH15 H3SH16 H3SH17 H3SH18 H3SH19 H3SH20; H4SH7 H4SH8 H4SH9 H4SH10 H4SH11 H4SH12 H4SH13 H4SH14 H4SH15 H4SH16 H4SH17 H4SH18 H4SH19 H4SH20; H2HH4 H2HH5 H2HH6 H2HH7 H2HH8 H2HH9 H2HH10H2HH11 H2HH12 H2HH13 H2HH14 H2HH15 H2HH16 H2HH17 H2HH18 H2HH19 H2HH20; H3HH5 H3HH6 H3HH7 H3HH8 H3HH9 H3HH10H3HH11H3HH12 H3HH13 H3HH14 H3HH15 H3HH16 H3HH17 H3HH18 H3HH19 H3HH20; H4HH7 H4HH8 H4HH9 H4HH10 H4HH11 H4HH12 H4HH13 H4HH14 H4HH15 H4HH16 H4HH17 H4HH18 H4HH19 H4HH20; H2DH4 H2DH5 H2DH6 H2DH7 H2DH8 H2DH9 H2DH10H2DH11 H2DH12 H2DH13 H2DH14 H2DH15 H2DH16 H2DH17 H2DH18 H2DH19 H2DH20; H3DH5 H3DH6 H3DH7 H3DH8 H3DH9 H3DH10H3DH11H3DH12 H3DH13 H3DH14 H3DH15 H3DH16 H3DH17 H3DH18 H3DH19 H3DH20; H4DH7 H4DH8 H4DH9 H4DH10 H4DH11 H4DH12 H4DH13 H4DH14 H4DH15 H4DH16 H4DH17 H4DH18 H4DH19 H4DH20; H2DM13 H2DM14 H2DM15 H2DM16 H2DM17 H2DM18 H2DM19 H2DM20; H3DM13 H3DM14 H3DM15 H3DM16 H3DM17 H3DM18 H3DM19 H3DM20; H4DM13 H4DM14 H4DM15 H4DM16 H4DM17 H4DM18 H4DM19 H4DM20; H2HM13 H2HM14 H2HM15 H2HM16 H2HM17 H2HM18 H2HM19 H2HM20; H3HM13 H3HM14 H3HM15 H3HM16 H3HM17 H3HM18 H3HM19 H3HM20; H4HM13 H4HM14 H4HM15 H4HM16 H4HM17 H4HM18 H4HM19 H4HM20; H2SV4 H2SV5 H2SV6 H2SV7 H2SV8 H2SV9 H2SV10H2SV11 H2SV12 H2SV13 H2SV14 H2SV15 H2SV16 H2SV17 H2SV18 H2SV19 H2SV20; H3SV5 H3SV6 H3SV7 H3SV8 H3SV9 H3SV10H3SV11H3SV12 H3SV13 H3SV14 H3SV15 H3SV16 H3SV17 H3SV18 H3SV19 H3SV20; H4SV7 H4SV8 H4SV9 H4SV10 H4SV11 H4SV12 H4SV13 H4SV14 H4SV15 H4SV16 H4SV17 H4SV18 H4SV19 H4SV20; H2HV4 H2HV5 H2HV6 H2HV7 H2HV8 H2HV9 H2HV10H2HV11 H2HV12 H2HV13 H2HV14 H2HV15 H2HV16 H2HV17 H2HV18 H2HV19 H2HV20; H3HV5 H3HV6 H3HV7 H3HV8 H3HV9 H3HV10H3HV11H3HV12 H3HV13 H3HV14 H3HV15 H3HV16 H3HV17 H3HV18 H3HV19 H3HV20; H4HV7 H4HV8 H4HV9 H4HV10 H4HV11 H4HV12 H4HV13 H4HV14 H4HV15 H4HV16 H4HV17 H4HV18 H4HV19 H4HV20; H2DV4 H2DV5 H2DV6 H2DV7 H2DV8 H2DV9 H2DV10H2DV11 H2DV12 H2DV13 H2DV14 H2DV15 H2DV16 H2DV17 H2DV18 H2DV19 H2DV20; H3DV5 H3DV6 H3DV7 H3DV8 H3DV9 H3DV10H3DV11H3DV12 H3DV13 H3DV14 H3DV15 H3DV16 H3DV17 H3DV18 H3DV19 H3DV20; H4DV7 H4DV8 H4DV9 H4DV10 H4DV11 H4DV12 H4DV13 H4DV14 H4DV15 H4DV16 H4DV17 H4DV18 H4DV19 H4DV20

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Application: Motor, Machinery
Function: Distribution Power, Clutch, Change Drive Torque, Change Drive Direction, Speed Changing, Speed Reduction, Speed Increase
Layout: Helical Bevel
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type
Step: Three-Step


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agricultural gearbox

Considerations for Heavy-Duty Farming Gearboxes

Heavy-duty farming applications require robust and reliable gearboxes that can withstand high loads, harsh conditions, and frequent use. Here are the key considerations for selecting gearboxes for heavy-duty farming:

  • Load Capacity: Heavy-duty gearboxes must have a high load-carrying capacity to handle the demands of agricultural machinery, such as tillers, plows, and combines.
  • Material Durability: Gearboxes should be constructed from durable materials, such as hardened steel or cast iron, that can withstand the stresses and impacts associated with heavy-duty tasks.
  • Sealing and Protection: Effective sealing and protection mechanisms, such as robust seals and gaskets, prevent the ingress of dirt, water, and contaminants that can cause premature wear and damage.
  • Lubrication System: A reliable and efficient lubrication system is crucial for heavy-duty gearboxes to ensure proper lubrication of components under high loads and temperatures.
  • Heat Dissipation: Heavy-duty applications generate significant heat. Gearboxes should have efficient heat dissipation mechanisms, such as cooling fins or oil coolers, to prevent overheating and maintain performance.
  • Design and Construction: Gearbox design should incorporate reinforced housing, larger bearings, and robust gears to handle heavy loads without compromising structural integrity.
  • Alignment and Mounting: Proper alignment and mounting are essential to ensure smooth and efficient power transmission. Misalignment can lead to increased wear and reduced gearbox lifespan.
  • Maintenance Accessibility: Heavy-duty gearboxes should be designed for easy maintenance access. Features such as removable covers and inspection points simplify servicing and repairs.
  • Compatibility: Gearboxes should be compatible with the specific machinery and tasks they will be used for. Customizable gear ratios and output shaft configurations enhance versatility.
  • Reliability and Longevity: Heavy-duty gearboxes should be built to last, with quality craftsmanship and components that can withstand the demanding conditions of agricultural operations.
  • Safety: Safety features, such as guards and emergency shutdown mechanisms, are essential to protect operators and nearby personnel from potential hazards.
  • Environmental Considerations: Gearbox designs should consider environmental regulations and emissions standards to minimize the impact on the environment.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: While heavy-duty gearboxes require a higher upfront investment, their durability and performance contribute to long-term cost-effectiveness by reducing downtime and the need for frequent replacements.

By carefully considering these factors, farmers can select the appropriate heavy-duty gearboxes that enhance productivity and reliability in their farming operations.

agricultural gearbox

Types of Farming Equipment Incorporating Agricultural Gearboxes

Agricultural gearboxes play a vital role in various farming equipment, enhancing their efficiency and enabling them to perform essential tasks. Here are some types of farming equipment that commonly incorporate agricultural gearboxes:

  • Tractors: Agricultural gearboxes are integral components of tractors, contributing to power transmission from the engine to various attachments such as plows, harrows, and mowers.
  • Harvesters: Harvesters, used to gather crops like grains, fruits, and vegetables, utilize gearboxes to drive conveyor systems and separators, ensuring smooth and efficient harvesting operations.
  • Planters and Seeders: Planters and seeders rely on gearboxes to precisely distribute seeds and fertilizers while maintaining the desired planting depth.
  • Sprayers: Agricultural gearboxes are used in sprayers to drive pumps that distribute pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers over fields.
  • Hay Balers: Gearboxes are essential in hay balers for compacting and forming bales of hay, enabling easy storage and transportation.
  • Manure Spreaders: Manure spreaders incorporate gearboxes to distribute and spread fertilizers and compost evenly across fields.
  • Grain Augers: Grain augers, used for loading and unloading grains, feature gearboxes to drive the rotating screw mechanism that lifts and transfers grains.
  • Cultivators: Cultivators use gearboxes to drive rotating tines or blades that loosen and prepare the soil for planting.
  • Rotary Cutters: Rotary cutters, often attached to tractors, utilize gearboxes to power the spinning blades used for cutting tall grass, weeds, and brush.
  • Threshers: Threshers, employed for separating grains from their husks or stalks, incorporate gearboxes to drive the threshing mechanisms.

These examples demonstrate the diverse applications of agricultural gearboxes across a wide range of farming equipment. By providing reliable power transmission and control, agricultural gearboxes contribute significantly to the productivity and efficiency of modern agricultural practices.

agricultural gearbox

Power Transmission in Farming Equipment with Agricultural Gearboxes

Agricultural gearboxes play a vital role in facilitating power transmission within various types of farming equipment. These gearboxes are integral components that enable the transfer of rotational power from a tractor’s engine to different agricultural implements and machinery. Here’s how agricultural gearboxes contribute to power transmission:

  • Speed Reduction: In many farming operations, the engine of a tractor or other power source operates at a higher speed than is suitable for the optimal functioning of agricultural implements. Agricultural gearboxes provide speed reduction by using a combination of gears with different numbers of teeth. This reduction in speed allows the machinery to operate at the required speed for efficient tasks like tilling, planting, or harvesting.
  • Power Multiplication: Some agricultural tasks require a significant amount of torque to operate effectively. Gearboxes can multiply the input torque from the engine to generate higher torque at the output shaft. This is crucial for tasks such as plowing, where substantial force is needed to break up the soil.
  • Directional Change: Agricultural gearboxes also allow for changes in the direction of power transmission. For instance, a tractor’s power take-off (PTO) shaft may need to transmit power at a right angle to the tractor’s engine. Gearboxes with bevel gears or other arrangements enable this change in direction, ensuring that power is properly directed to the implement.
  • Power Distribution: In certain cases, power needs to be distributed to multiple components or implements. Agricultural gearboxes with multiple output shafts can distribute power to different tasks simultaneously, optimizing efficiency and productivity.
  • Attachment Operation: Many agricultural implements, such as plows, seed drills, and rotary mowers, require consistent and controlled power to function effectively. Gearboxes provide the necessary power and control to these attachments, ensuring uniform operation and accurate results.

By facilitating speed reduction, power multiplication, directional changes, power distribution, and attachment operation, agricultural gearboxes contribute significantly to the overall efficiency and productivity of farming equipment. They allow farmers to adapt their machinery to various tasks, optimize power usage, and achieve better results in different agricultural operations.

China Custom Multifunctional CZPT Mhb Series Agricultural Industrial Standard Gearboxes Right Angle Gearbox for Wholesales   best automatic gearbox	China Custom Multifunctional CZPT Mhb Series Agricultural Industrial Standard Gearboxes Right Angle Gearbox for Wholesales   best automatic gearbox
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