Double Pitch Conveyor Chains with Top Rollers

Double-pitch conveyor chains with top rollers are a common choice for conveying material and products. They are maintenance-free and can be supplied in either straight or bent attachment. In addition, special designs are available to meet specific requirements. For example, if you want the chain to go through a slack point in the material being conveyed, then you should select a chain with bent attachment.

Double-pitch conveyor chains with top rollers are commonly used for conveying products in the agriculture, logistics, and paper industries. The chains are also widely used in building machinery, packaging machinery, and transportation. The rollers on double-pitch conveyor chains are able to withstand the weight of the product while they remain in place, resulting in minimal product damage. This type of conveyor chain is available in several varieties to suit your specific application.

The most common form of double pitch conveyor chains features large oversized rollers. These rollers project above the link plates to minimize friction across the supporting surface. Double-pitch conveyor chains with top rollers have the same basic construction as single pitch chains but are designed for less demanding conditions. They are typically longer than standard chains. ANSI B29.4 and ISO 1275-A are 2 standards that apply to double pitch chains.

Dimensions of Double Pitch Conveyor Chains with Top Rollers

Sprockets for Double Pitch Conveyor Chains With Top Rollers

The sprockets for double-pitch roller chains are available in single and double-tooth versions. Both have the same basic design, but their tooth profile differs slightly. As a result, it is important to know the exact specifications of the sprockets that will be installed in your system.

Double-pitch sprockets must be designed and manufactured with precision in order to ensure proper positioning. They should have a pressure angle of 30 or less to ensure optimum performance. The pressure angle is the angle at which the chain roller engages the sprocket tooth.

Double pitch chains can be used in light to medium-duty material handling applications. They are similar to standard chains, except that the link plates are double the length. The C2000 and C2002 series are 2 common types of double pitch chains. For higher-pitch chains, you can opt for heavy-duty style link plates with “H” suffix.

When choosing a double-pitch roller chain, you should know its maximum load capacity and allowable tension. These factors will determine the type of sprockets that will be used. Generally, double-pitch roller chains with top rollers have at least 30 teeth. Dirt can affect the articulation of the chain. If dirt accumulates at the joints, you should choose a chain with a thicker plate and longer attachment.

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