If you have a Honda 4th gear in stock, it’s time to upgrade to a 14-ton sprocket. Here are some tips to help you choose the right one. Make sure you choose a steel 1 with 525 pitches and a wide base. You can find this product here. It also reduces transportation costs, and when you buy multiple items, you will get a 10% discount.
Evo-tech front sprockets are made of case hardened steel and are available in 14T and 19T sizes in most street applications and 12t and 16t sizes in dirt applications. Each sprocket is drilled to help reduce the overall weight. You can trust their quality and cost performance. Speaking of front sprockets, you can’t beat the quality and price of these sprockets.
525 pitch
Ducati high-performance steel 14T 525 pitch front sprocket can solve your problem. The pitch of this steel front sprocket is slightly increased, which can improve the acceleration at low speed so that you can easily start from a stationary state. It also has a special front sprocket, which is plated with silver and zinc. The main advantages of 14T sprocket are listed below.
14T sprocket Wide base
The wide base spline 14T sprocket used is designed for single-speed and BMX bicycles. It is compatible with all standard Shimano freewheel bodies and has a wide base for durability. Its 7 mm width makes it compatible with all 1/2 inch x 3/32 inch (7/8 speed) chains. 14T sprocket has speed limiter capability at 68 mph.
drill hole
The drill 14T sprocket is a light steel front sprocket with various sizes to choose from. The sprocket is drilled to increase strength and reduce overall weight. The front sprocket is incompatible with ABS and has 14T and 525 pitches. Although the sprocket has been drilled to increase strength, it has been redesigned to make it fit comfortably.
14T sprocket weight
If you are considering replacing the sprocket, you may want to know the weight of the 14t sprocket. The weight of the sprocket is important because it is almost equivalent to adding 2 teeth at the rear. The change from inventory 15t front sprocket to 14T front sprocket is almost twice and a half. This means that you will get more acceleration, but the top speed will be lower. If you plan to upgrade to another sprocket, you should know that you must pay about $8 for the front sprocket and $30 for the rear sprocket.
In order to make full use of the motorcycle, please consider using a 14T sprocket. They are a better choice than 15 tooth sprockets in stock and an ideal choice for stop-and-go traffic. However, when using these sprockets, it is important to check the clearance. Here are a few things to pay attention to. Ensure that the sprocket and chain of the motorcycle have proper clearance.
14T sprocket Price
If you plan to upgrade your octane motorcycle to a high-performance machine, then a 14T sprocket may be what you want. This sprocket can improve the maximum speed and torque of the motorcycle, and you can do this without breaking the balance. It is also very affordable and can be easily installed on most 150cc GY6 bicycles, which do not have reverse boxes.

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